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Our new system requires that you enter all of the items you will be selling into a web-based inventory system. 

We are excited about the new system and the potential for increased accuracy, efficiency and service.  We will no longer be scanning 2 barcodes at checkout, which will reduce errors and speed up the checkout process. In addition, you will be able to see exactly which of your items have sold and for how much the day it sells! We hope, after experiencing the new software at this sale, you will agree that it is a welcomed improvement.

With our new system, we will be able to provide you with an exact list of items which sold and for what amounts.  Therefore, we will no longer be returning tags to consignors after the sale.




You MUST use cardstock for your tags.  Items tagged with paper will NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Please do not waste your effort tagging with paper as these items will not be placed on the sales floor and/or will be removed from the sale.  Paper tags cause tremendous problems at checkout and lead to inaccurate sales. 


Use the COLOR of CARDSTOCK assigned to you based on your consignor number (see below).  Colored cardstock can be purchased from office supply stores.  If you have difficulty locating your color or don't want to buy a whole ream, you may purchase it from us, at cost.  Contact us for more details.  Do NOT use regular paper as it will be too flimsy and will likely be lost or damaged during the sale.


If your consignor number: Use this color cardstock (90 lb weight or greater):
Ends with 0 or 1 light/mint GREEN
Ends with 2 or 3 PINK
Ends with 4 or 5 GOLD or YELLOW
Ends with 6 or 7 ORANGE
Ends with 8 or 9 LIGHT BLUE




Please be sure to use the color cardstock assigned to you based on your consignor number.