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 What do sellers receive?

 Smart Moms is the BEST place to sell your items because we will offer you up to 70% of the selling price.  This is significantly more than consignment shops pay (usually 30-50%).  All consignors receive a minimum of 60% of their total sales.  In addition, sellers can earn 70% by working a 2-hour shift before, during, or after the sale!   

 In addition to money, sellers have the benefit of Smart Moms doing all the logistical work to sell their items—finding and paying for the venue, extensive & targeted advertising, setting up and coordinating the sale.  It’s much easier than a garage sale and faster than selling through consignment shops. 

 We need your help to have a successful sale!

While Smart Moms does extensive and targeted advertising, there is nothing better than word of mouth!  Please tell your family, friends, moms groups, church communities, and schools about Smart Moms.  You can email them the Smart Moms website link,, print and distribute the sale flyer, or call us and we can send flyers or brochures through the mail.  Contact Rose at or by phone at (484-802-7079)

Tips on Preparing Your Items for the Sale

We are committed to ensuring that the Smart Moms Sale is high-quality merchandise in good condition.  Because we guarantee this to our shoppers, they are more likely to come and purchase YOUR items and to return to future sales.  We have put together the following tips to help your items stand out and appeal to shoppers.  We want your items to sell as much as you do!

 Before preparing and tagging your items, please make sure you have read the Seller's Agreement, registered, and received your consignor number from us.  Also, please check the lists of Items Accepted and Items Not Accepted below

Items Accepted 


* 100 clothing item maximum for Spring Sale

* 75 clothing & 2 winter coat max for Fall Sale

* No more than 20 items size 0-12 months per consignor.

CLOTHING IS NOT ACCEPTED FOR THE NOVEMBER SALE (with the exception of fancy holiday dress and 3 coats/consignor).

* Maximum of 5 pairs of shoes per consignor 

*  There is NO LIMIT to the number of non-clothing items you bring. 

These measures help us to diversify our inventory, ensure high quality, and appeal to a broader array of customers.  Please select your HIGHEST quality clothing items to consign with Smart Moms!  Please remember that items deemed not acceptable will be removed from the sale which translates into a waste of time for you and us!  Thank you for your cooperation! 

Baby and children’s clothing up to size 12 for appropriate season (no off-season clothing).  Clothing must be clean, and free from stains, and current styles

Toys & games

(Must be clean, contain all essential parts, and be in working order).

Maternity clothing—current styles only, limit 10 items per consignor.

Play pens/portable cribs

Nursery equipment/décor

Tricycles/bikes--BEST SELLER

Baby/children’s shoes (up to children's size 12)

Toddler cups/plates/ bowls/silverware

Car seats under 5 years old


Videos & books for children, pregnancy, or parenting

Riding toys

Outdoor Play equipment--BEST SELLER

Diaper disposals


Double Strollers--BEST SELLER

Changing tables

High chairs, booster seats

Nursery monitors

Baby swings less than 3 years old

Safety gates--BEST SELLER

Baby carriers


Diaper bags

Furniture--BEST SELLER


Things you might not have thought to bring...


Sporting equipment

dress up clothes (princess attire, etc)

Belts, purses

Toy storage racks, bins, shelves, etc.

Items Not Accepted

·  Any item that is on the CPSC product recall list.

·        Clothing that shows signs of wear, is stained or torn, is missing buttons or zippers, or is out of season or style.  If the item has been worn by more than one child, it's probably pretty worn out.

·    Toys/equipment that has not been wiped/washed clean. 

·  Infant swings that are more than 3 years old.

·  Toys/equipment missing essential parts.  (e.g.--no exersaucers without toys or accessories).

·   Bathtubs

·  Infant Bassinets (unfortunely, these don't usually sell)

·    Stuffed animals

·    Happy Meal toys

·    Underwear (unless new in package)

·    Pacifiers or bottle nipples

·  Ceramic figurines or decorations--unless being sold as part of a nursery set AND packaged so that it cannot be broken.

 Cleaning and Preparing Clothing

  • Please wash all clothing and make sure they are free from stains. 

  • Make your times look their best by ironing, buttoning, zipping, etc.  Clothing items will be MUCH more appealing to shoppers if they're pressed.
  • Place all clothing on hangers.  Any type is fine.  Please hang the clothing as pictured and described below:


Position the hanger like a question mark—the hook opening on the left side if you’re looking at the front of the garment.  If necessary, attach the item to the hanger with safety pins so it will not fall off and onto the floor.

If the item is a 2-piece outfit, attach both parts together so they will not be separated. Please use only ONE tag on these items.  Describe both parts on the tag so they can be matched if they are separated.  This happens often!

  • Attach tags to the garment’s left front, toward the top if possible(as pictured).  Please see the tagging instructions for detailed information.
  • Group clothing according to size and gender prior to your arrival to reduce your drop-off time. 
  • Shoes—tie shoes together with laces, zip-ties, or a ribbon OR secure them in a clear plastic bag. 

 Cleaning & Preparing Other Items

  • TOYS AND EQUIPMENT--Clean by wiping away dirt and stains with Lysol or other cleaner.  Q-tips are great for getting dirt out of small crevices!   Assemble and install working batteries when necessary so buyers can see that the item is in working order.  Place small parts (i.e. little people, balls, etc.) in clear plastic bags and securely attach them to the item.  Packing tape works really well and discourage "little shoppers' from opening!
  • UPHOLSTERED PIECES--Machine or hand wash according to the manufacturer’s suggestions.
  • ORIGINAL PACKAGING--If possible, package items in original packaging and include manuals and instructions if you have them.  Tape them to the item in a clear plastic bag.
  • GAMES--Tape boxes closed so pieces are not lost at the sale. 
  • VIDEOS AND BOOKS--when grouping together more than one, please put them in clear plastic bags.  Rubber bands do not hold them together securely.  Write the name of each video/book included in the package on the tag and use only ONE tag per item.

 Tagging Instructions

All of your items must have a tag, printed on our template with your personal barcode. Please make sure you tag clearly and according to the process described on the TAGGING PAGE.


Please do not price anything under $1.  If the value is less than that, group it with other items so it is worth at least $1.  Prices should all be in one-dollar increments--no $.50.  This will make it easier for checkout.

In general, merchandise is consigned between 25-35% of the retail price, depending on its condition.   For more details about pricing, click here.

Dropping-Off Items Before the Sale

For the Fall and Spring Sales:  Drop-off times will be on Thursday, 10 AM - 7 PM and limited times on Friday.  Please indicate your preferred drop-off time on your consignor registration form. 

For the November Sale:  Drop-Off times are Thursday, 2-7 PM and Friday, 10 AM-1 PM.

Your items should already be tagged, hung, and sorted before you arrive.  Smart Moms will be screening your items carefully prior to and during the sale.  We are committed to offering high-quality merchandise.  Please understand if we cannot accept some of your items.  When you arrive at drop-off, you will be responsible for hanging clothing on the appropriate rack according to size and gender and placing other non-clothing items in the appropriate place. 

Please note that items will sell best when displayed with other like items and can be found easily by shoppers.  We try very hard to create a "shoppable" sale by specifying which items are in which sections.  If you are in a hurry and place your items in the wrong section, it will get lost among other things and WILL NOT SELL.  We do not have enough time to rearrange every item before the sale opens.  Please plan to take the time to put your items in the correct section.  If you cannot find the appropriate place, please ask us and we will help you find it or we will create a new section!

**  Please bring a large, plain box with you when dropping off.  We will pack your unsold items in your box for pick-up at the conclusion of the sale.