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  Why should I shop at the

   Smart Moms Sale?


•  How can I pay for the

   items I buy at Smart



 Can I bring my kids to

   the sale?


•  Will shopping carts be



•  What kinds of items will

   you have at the sale?


•  What is the 1/2 price

   Sale on Sunday?


•  What do sellers receive?


•  How do I become a seller?


•  What items can I consign

   and what condition do my

   items need to be in?


•  How do I price my items?


•  How do I make my tags?


•  What if I don't want my

   items sold at 1/2 price on



•  Will you accept all the

   items I bring?


 What are the best-selling



•  Is there anything that does not

   sell well?


•  When do I drop off my things?


•  How can I shop early?


•  What if I attend the

   Preview Sale but miss the

   shift I signed up for?


•  When do I pick up my

   unsold items?


•  What happens to my items

   if I don’t pick them up?


•  When will I receive my check?


•  Will I receive my tags

   back after the sale?

Why should I shop at the Smart Moms Sale?

*  Our merchandise is screened carefully.  Worn, damaged or stained items are removed from the sale and returned to the consignor.

Our prices are great!  Because Smart Moms is NOT a consignment store, we have very low overhead costs.  Therefore, we offer our consignors a very high percentage of their total sales.  This means they can charge you LESS for their items.

*  The Smart Moms sale occurs over only 2 days, 2 times each year plus a one-day sale in November.  Therefore, you will find a large selection at one time.  At consignment shops, you never know when the items you’re looking for will be there. 

How can I pay for the items I buy at Smart Moms?

We will accept cash and credit cards (Mastercard and Visa).  Sorry, NO CHECKS will be accepted.

Can I bring my kids to the sale?

Children are welcome to come with you to the sale; however, please be aware that at busy times, there may be crowds.  In addition, please do not allow them to open or disassemble toys.

Will shopping carts be available? 

There will be no carts although a limited number of shopping bags will be available.  You are encouraged to bring a large sturdy bag to hold your items while you shop.  You are likely to find MANY things you want to purchase!

What kinds of items will you have at the sale?

We cannot tell you exactly what merchandise will be there because we will not know until days before the sale.  However, we can tell you that there will be a LARGE selection of babies’ and children’s seasonal clothing (0 through size youth 12), maternity clothing, toys for all ages, baby equipment (strollers, car seats, high chairs, etc), books & videos, furniture, play equipment, and more.  Consignors may bring a limited number of clothing items to ensure that they select their BEST items rather than ALL of their items.  All items will be in good condition (no stains, tears, missing essential parts, etc.). 

What is the 1/2 price Sale?

During our Half Price Sale, most merchandise will be discounted by 50% as indicated by the word "reduce" on the tag.  If Reduce is not on the tag, the item must be sold at full price.  

What do sellers receive?

Sellers receive a minimum of 60% of the selling price for their items.  This is significantly more than consignment shops pay (usually 50% or less).  In addition, sellers can earn another 10% by working a 2-hour shift before, during, or after the sale! 

Sellers also receive passes to attend the Consignors Preview Sale--open only to sellers and their guests (with passes).  This allows consignors to avoid the crowds and shop before the sale opens up to the general public.

In addition to money, sellers have the benefit of Smart Moms doing all the logistical work to sell their items—finding and paying for the venue, extensive & targeted advertising, setting up and staffing the sale.  It’s much easier than a garage sale and faster than selling through consignment shops.

How do I become a seller?

Register to become a consignor by completing an on-line Consignor Registration Form.  Sellers pay a $15.00 registration fee for the Spring/Fall and $10.00 for the November/Winter Sale at the time of drop-off.  We have a limited amount of space for new consignors so register early!  If we are not currently accepting new consignors, please register on our waiting list. 

For information:

Call Rose at 484-802-7079 or send an email to

What items can I consign and what condition do my items need to be in?

Items that we accept and DO NOT accept are listed on the Consignor’s Information page.   Please review the list and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  In general, items need to be clean, containing all essential parts, and in working order.  Please also check the section on preparing items for the sale.

How do I price my items?

Items should be priced at the amount that you would be willing to pay for them if you were the purchaser.  Some consignors make the mistake of pricing items to which they have an emotional attachment too high.  If you're not ready to let it go, hold onto it for sentimentality; otherwise, it helps to remember that you want the item to sell!  Please see the Consignor’s Information page for more information.

How do I make my tags?

Please see our tagging page for descriptions and examples.

What if I don't want my items sold at 1/2 price during the 50% off sale?

If you do not want your items discounted by 50%, you indicate that when you enter the item into the inventory.  The word "REDUCE" will not appear on your tag and we will not sell the item at 50% off.  See tagging for more information.

Will you accept all the items I bring?

We are committed to having high quality merchandise at the Smart Moms Sale.  We will be screening items very closely throughout the sale to maintain a high standard of quality.  Please do not be offended if we ask you to take some items home.  It is easy to miss a spot or tear when you are hurrying to get your items ready at home. 

What are the best-selling items?

Furniture--Many shoppers are looking for baby furniture.  Most furniture sells early in the sale.

Little Tykes/Outdoor Play Equipment--We have always sold all of these items!  We receive many calls before the sale inquiring about play equipment.

Clothing--Brand names are sought after--so long as they're priced well! 

Baby Gates

Bikes--all sizes

Double Strollers

Is there anything that doesn't sell well?

What sells really depends on who comes to shop.  We have, though, noticed that infant clothing 0-12 months generally doesn't sell as well as other items.

When do I drop off my things?

Drop off times are in the 2 days prior to the public sale.  When you register to consign you may select a time for your drop-off appointment.

How can I shop early?

One of the reasons we are able to offer sellers such a high percentage of the selling price is because we keep our overhead costs low.  Anyone is welcome to work at the sale--whether you're a consignor or not!  Consignors are asked to work a 2-hour shift during the sale.  As an incentive, workers are given a pass to shop before anyone else at the Workers Private Preview Sale!  This sale is open ONLY to workers and their spouses and occurs prior to the consignor preview sale.  No guests are permitted to attend this sale--workers only!  If you would like to work, follow the link for register to work and indicate your preferred shifts on your registration form.  Working at the sale is a GREAT way to meet other area moms!

All consignors will be given passes to attend the Consignor Sale.  This sale is open only to consignors and guests (with passes).

What if I attend the Workers' Sale but miss the shift I signed up for?

We will be relying on our workers to make the sale a success.  We trust that you will fulfill your obligation to work during your shift.  If you do not fulfill your obligation, a 10% deduction will be taken from your total sales check.

When do I pick up my unsold items?

Unsold items will be ready for seller pick up on Sunday evening.  Please check the sale schedule for the exact time.  When you arrive to pick up your items, please look through your box carefully to make sure every item in it is yours. 

What happens to my items if I don’t pick them up?

All items that are not picked up by the designated time will become the property of Smart Moms.  Most items are donated to a designated charity.  We do not have the ability to transport or store consignors unsold items.

When will I get my check?

Your check will be mailed within one month of the sale.

Will I receive my tags back after the sale?

No.  As of November, 2008, Smart Moms has implemented an inventory system which will allow us to print for you an exact list of items you sold.  Therefore, we will no longer return tags to consignors.