Testimonials & Photos

"As a consignor, shopper, and 'worker' I had a positive experience in all three roles.  I sold most of my items, bought lots of cute clothes and toys, and met lots of nice moms while working the sale.  It also felt great to "clean house!"  Definitely looking forward to the Spring sale!! --Deb Reid

"I loved  & enjoyed  shopping at Smart Moms.   No one can beat the prices and your selection is great!!  Everything is well organized-----just like a store.  I was impressed!!  Volunteering for Smart Moms was rewarding & fun.  I loved  that I could shop early for the best selections and hang out with other moms.  I was disappointed when my shift was over and could not come back the next day because of a prior commitment.  PLEASE, sign me up for the next sale!!!"  --Cindy Chirillo

I have been impressed with the organization of the sales.  I've attended two... Then I checked your website and once again I was very impressed with how organized everything seems. You answered my questions before I had a chance to think of them. I would like to participate in your fall sale as a consignor. I am currently on your mailing list. --Pat M.

"Great place to to sell my children's clothing without the hassle of a typical consignment store.   Process was quick and easy.  Can't wait for Spring Sale!!"   --Thanks, Chris Napier

"Thanks again for letting me volunteer at the
sale.  I hope everyone did well-- It was very organized...I am very excited about the Sept. sale-- just wish it was sooner!"  --Kari Ferlick  

I attended the spring 2005 sale in Eagleville for the first time. I was really pleased and thrilled with my buys for my 5 year old daughter. Everything was  so organized, I was very impressed and had a great time shopping. I can't stand digging through items to find what I like, and I'll usually leave. I also was pleased with the condition of the clothing I bought. I am now interested in being a consignor as I always have beautiful clothing which my daughter outgrows so quickly! Can you let me know when I can register for the sale in September? I live in Trooper. I've already signed up on the mailing list.  Thank You, and keep up the good work.  This was a great idea for us smart moms!!  --Sonia F.


Photos of Past Sales

  A view of the merchandise before opening.

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  Shoppers browse through girls' clothing.

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  More views of clothing racks...

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  Toys, strollers, strollers, and more strollers!

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  A birds' eye view of the Montgomery County Fall sale.

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  Toys and more!

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